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Caring for Your Insurance Needs

At Seguros Global, Inc., we help secure your investments from possible loss and damage. We have highly driven professionals on board who have extensive knowledge and experience in the insurance industry. You can count on us to provide you with quality services that meet or even exceed your expectations.

On August 2, 2002, Dario Gonzalez established a partnership with Seguros Universal Inc. by opening his first office in Newnan, Georgia. From this humble beginning, our company has grown to five offices, with the other four located in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. Each office is staffed with knowledgeable insurance personal representing more than 20 insurance companies.

We began Seguros Global, Inc. with only one line of insurance, which was auto insurance. As we grew over the years, we added other lines of insurance to meet our customers’ needs. Today, we offer personal lines of insurance, commercial insurance, business insurance, home insurance, renter’s insurance, and bonds in all of our offices.

Seguros Global, Inc. is a family-owned business dedicated to serving the whole of the Southeastern region.

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